Coronavirus Update 2nd December 2020

Coronavirus Update 2nd December 2020

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE 2nd December 2020

Good morning all. This is for owners who live in England.

This is a quick update on what we believe the current situation is with Parks in North Wales and coming to your caravan.

As England comes out of lockdown and moves into the tiered system the Welsh Government seem to have put the whole of Wales into what equates to Tier 3 level restrictions. This for us means no pubs or restaurants open after 6.00pm and no serving of alcohol even before this. It really will kill the hospitality industry at this their busiest time.

We are currently waiting for news on what the Welsh Government plans to do with the border, will they open it up? We were told that we would have an answer on Monday but this has now been put off until Friday. We will keep you informed on what the decision is once we know ourselves. We hope more than anything that they open up our borders as long as people adhere to the rules where they live regarding travel, and also the Welsh rules once here.

As it stands today, you are allowed to travel to the Parks to drain down and prepare for winter but you are not allowed to stay. Please see statement taken from the Welsh Government guidelines.

‘I do not live in Wales. Can I travel to Wales to secure my boat, caravan or holiday home for winter?
Under the rules in Wales, a boat, caravan or holiday home owner from elsewhere in the UK may return to collect their belongings and secure their boat, caravan or holiday home for winter.
You should agree a time and date to visit the site. Whilst on site you should continue to observe social distancing measures. You are not permitted to stay overnight while these travel restrictions are in operation.
However, you will also need to check that what you are planning to do is allowed under the rules where you live, which the Welsh Government cannot advise you on.’

If you are planning to come to the Parks please make sure that you are abiding by the rules where you live and also please telephone us to discuss your intentions and arrangements.

We will post again on Friday once we have received more details regarding the border from the Welsh Government.

Stay Safe,

Guy, Dianne, Mark and Karen.