Coronavirus Update 3rd July 2020

Coronavirus Update 3rd July 2020


Great News. We are now opening at 10.00am on Saturday 11th July.

( Subject to the R rate continuing to drop. Final decision being made on 9th July)


It is great that we can reopen and welcome you back to our parks from 10am on 11h July.  As you can imagine some things will be a little different when you return.  As a business we have to take the risk of COVID19 incredibly seriously.  We have to consider the welfare of our staff, our owners, our customers and the wider community.  Indirectly we also have to consider your local communities as you don’t want to be carrying coronavirus home with you.   With movement of people comes risk and we must all do our bit to see off this terrible disease.

Our COVID19 Risk Assessment has identified the need to brief you.

Please see below:-

  1. We must abide by the Government Track and Trace system to keep records of everyone on Park at any one time. This applies to Owners, Visitors and sub-lets. You need to let us know dates of arrival and dates of departure of each and every visit. Please email information to

The info we require is on the attached form. If you do not use email then you can use this form and drop it off at reception on arrival.

(We are having a page added to our website to simplify this procedure but it is not uploaded as yet).

  1. Please do not return to the park if you, or any of your household have symptoms of COVID19. This can change but at time of writing this letter according to the NHS website, the main symptoms are:-

. a high temperature

. a new continuous cough

. a loss of change to your sense of smell or taste

  1. Do not return if you have been instructed to self-isolate. Bancroft Leisure Holiday Parks are not a safe place to self-isolate, you need to be near to your local medical services.
  2. We are making baby steps to reopen so we ask that where possible when you return to the park, for a little while at least, only caravan owners use their caravans. If you do have family or friends using your holiday home it is imperative that they are made fully aware of our COVID19 safety procedures.   Please remember that this is all new to us as well as you.  We are learning as we go and things will change based upon the advice of the Welsh Government and our trade association.
  1. Where possible please make your first return to the park during the hours of 10.00am and 4.00pm.
  2. Do not visit other peoples’ caravans. In Wales, SOCIAL DISTANCING remains at two meters.  This will change over time and we will keep you informed when this occurs.   STAY ALERT remains the advice.
  1. Welsh Government current rules state that we are not allowed to open the LAUNDERETTES, GAMES ROOM  or the PLAY AREAS at the moment.   This is the law.  We understand that it is inconvenient and again as soon as guidelines change, we will amend our procedure accordingly.
  1. VERY IMPORTANT Water Supply – We were advised by our insurance company to turn off the water supply to the caravans.  Consequently, this is a wise safety measure.  With the warm weather that we have experienced, there is a risk of Legionella from the water contained in the pipes in your caravan.  To remove the risk the solution is simple.   Please set your water temperature on your boiler to maximum and run all of the taps for a few minutes.  Ensure that you keep the flow slow to avoid any splashing.  This process must be repeated with all taps within your caravan.   Flush the toilets with the toilet seat lid down.  Remove the shower heads and hose and disinfect with bleach or disinfectant.  You can then return your temperature setting to its usual position.  If you have not yet used your caravan, and it was correctly drained down for winter then the risk is lower as the pipes will be largely empty.  However, caution is the word of the day.   Also make sure hose pipes are run through.
  1. There is going to be a limit to how much work we can carry out inside your caravan. If you have a problem please go to our receptions and fill in a form and disclaimer.  We can then arrange for a member of staff to take a look.   Before our staff enter your caravans, you must open all of the windows.  You cannot be in the caravan while any work is carried out.  Our staff will have masks, gloves and wipes while they carry out any jobs.   We strongly recommend that after the job is completed that you also wipe all surfaces.
  1. Our receptions will be open between 10 am and 12 noon and 2pm to 4pm daily. If you require gas please phone to order and pay by card. We will no longer be accepting cheques. If you feel you wish to speak to us please make an appointment by phone.
  1. Staff – Please remain two meters from staff. Do NOT ask them to carry out work for you, please speak to reception, preferably by telephone or email.
  1. Children – As hard as it is, please remind all children to exercise social distancing.
  1. We would recommend where possible that you bring supplies with you. It isn’t uncommon for the population to increase tenfold in the area when the parks open.  These measures will help to reduce the risk.  For this very reason we have taken the decision to close our hire caravans down for the rest of the season.
  1. Finally, if you feel unwell leave the park and inform the office by telephone on (01745) 852563 or text on (07974) 350329.