Coronavirus Update 9th November 2020.

Coronavirus Update 9th November 2020.

As from 12.01 am Wales’s Firebreak lockdown has come to an end. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that all restrictions in Wales are lifted and we still have strict rules to abide by. Basically what this means for caravan Parks is :-

To customers living in Wales:-
You are allowed to go on holiday within Wales if you live here, but not to enter Wales from elsewhere for that purpose.’

To those who live outside Wales:
The guidance specifically addresses owners from outside Wales draining down caravans:
‘I do not live in Wales. Can I travel to Wales to secure my caravan for winter?
Under the rules in Wales, a caravan owner from elsewhere in the UK may return to collect their belongings and secure their caravan for winter. However they should agree a time and date to visit the site, whilst on site they must continue to observe the social distancing measures, and they are not permitted to stay overnight while these travel restrictions are in operation.

However, you will also need to check that what you are planning to do is allowed under the rules where you live, which the Welsh Government cannot advise you on.’
Please check the rules on the website.

The main points to consider however are:-
Taken from – New National Restrictions from 5 November (abbreviated).

11. Travel
If you live in England, you must stay at home and avoid travel in the UK or overseas, unless for work, education or other legally permitted reasons. If you need to travel you should look to reduce the number of journeys if possible.
You must not travel if you are experiencing any coronavirus symptoms, are self-isolating as a result of coronavirus symptoms, are sharing a household or support bubble with somebody with symptoms, or have been told to self-isolate after being contacted by NHS Test and Trace. The fine for breaching self-isolation rules start at £1,000. This could increase to up to £10,000 for repeat offences and the most serious breaches, including for those preventing others from self-isolating.

12. Staying away from home overnight
You cannot leave home for holidays or stays overnight away from your main home unless permitted by law. This means that holidays in the UK and abroad are not allowed. This includes staying in a second home or caravan, if you own one, or staying with anyone you do not live with or are in a support bubble with.
You are permitted to stay overnight away from your home if you:
are unable to return to your main residence
need accommodation while moving house
need accommodation to attend a funeral or related commemorative event
require accommodation for work purposes or to provide voluntary services
are a child requiring accommodation for school or care
are homeless, seeking asylum or a vulnerable person seeking refuge
are an elite athlete or their support staff or parent, if the athlete is under 18 and it is necessary to be outside of the home for training or competition

Guest accommodation providers such as hotels, B&Bs and caravan parks may remain open for the specific reasons set out in law, including where guests are unable to return to their main residence, use that guest accommodation as their main residence, need accommodation while moving house, are self-isolating as required by law, or would otherwise be made homeless as a result of the accommodation closing. Accommodation providers are also encouraged to work cooperatively with Local Authorities to provide accommodation to vulnerable groups including the homeless during this period of national restrictions.

Although both governments have agreed that you you are not allowed to stay away in over night accommodation, there is a difference. The Welsh Government has said that you can visit your caravan to drain down and prepare for winter but the English Government has not deemed this a necessity and therefore not permitted

The above restrictions will remain in place up to at least the 2nd December when the restrictions in England are being reviewed. We would recommend that you do not visit your caravan until after this date if at all possible. We sincerely hope that after 2nd December all travel restrictions will be lifted and you will once again be able to come and stay in your caravans free from the worry of prosecution.
Please contact us directly if you require any further information. Our offices/receptions are currently only manned for short periods throughout the day but we will be on site working in-between Parks. If you cannot get an answer on 01745 852563 please call us on our mobiles.

Guy: 07974 350 329 Mark: 07974 350 328

We would like to wish everyone the best of health at this time and thank you for your understanding and patience.

Stay safe,

Mark, Guy, Karen and Dianne